Anarchy Online Knowledge Base



ModSkill nameComments
NumberBody DevelopmentMax Always
NumberNano PoolInvest IP but watch how much you spend.


ModSkill nameComments
IP multiplierMartial ArtsComment.
IP xBrawlingComment.
IP xDimachMax Always
IP xRiposte801
IP xAdventuring250-300
IP xSwimmingComment.


ModSkill nameComments
IP multiplier1h Blunt Comments.
IP x1h Edged Comment
IP xPiercingMax Always
IP x 2h Blunt Comment.
IP x2h EdgedComment.
IP x Melee Energy Comment.
IP x Parry 801
IP x Sneak Attack Max Always
IP x Multiple Melee 1500
IP x Fast Attack Max Always

Misc. Weapons[]

ModSkill nameComments
IP modifierSharp ObjComment
IP modGrenadeComment
IP modHeavy WeaponsComment


ModSkill nameComments
IP Mod Bow Comment
IP Mod Pistol Comment
IP Mod Assault Rifle Comment
IP mod Machine Gun/Submachine Gun Comment
IP Mod Shotgun Comment
IP Mod Rifle Comment
IP Mod Ranged Energy Comment
IP Mod Flingshot Comment
IP mod Aimed Shot Comment
IP mod Burst Comment
IP Mod Full Auto Comment
IP Mod Bow Special Attack Comment
IP Mod Multiple Ranged Comment


ModSkill nameComments
IP modifier Melee Initiative Max Always
IP modifier Ranged Initiative Comments
IP mod Physical Initiative Comments
IP mod Nano Initiative Never invest IP
IP Modifier Dodge Ranged Max Always
IP Modifier Evade Close Combat Max Always
IP Modifier Duck Explosions Max Always
IP Modifier Nano Resist Max Always
IP Modifier Run Speed Max Always

Trade and Repair[]

ModSkill nameComments
IP multiplier Mechanical Engineering Comments
IP Electrical Engineering Comments
IP multiplier Quantum FT Comments
IP modifier Weapon Smithing Comments
IP mod Comments
IP Mod Nano Programming Comments
IP Mod Computer Literacy Max Always
IP mod Psychology Comments
IP Mod Chemistry Comments
IP mod Tutoring Raise this to 1000 if you are a tradeskiller, basically this skill is solely for the use of Tutoring Devices. 1000 skill allows you the use of QL 200 Tutoring Devices. There is no bonus for having more than the required skill.

Nano and Aiding[]

ModSkill nameComments
IP Modifier Matter Metamorphosis Comments
IP Modifier Biological Metamorphosis Max Always
IP Modifier Psychological Modification Max Always
IP mod Matter Creation Comments
IP Mod Time and Space Max Always
IP Mod Sensory Improvement Only till you can use 4 hour comps/last weapon buffs
IP Mod First Aid Best at 801 or so
IP Mod TreatmentComments


ModSkill nameComments
IP Modifier Concealment Max always
IP mod Breaking and Entering Comments
IP Mod Trap Disarmament Comments
IP Mod Perception Comments


ModSkill nameComments
IP Modifier Vehicle Air Comments
IP Mod Vehicle Ground Comments
IP Mod Vehicle Water Comments
IP Mod Map Navigation Comments. This skill can not be reset.