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Shadow Gems are neat little gem stones that you find in the Shadowlands. What is so cool about them is that you can make jewelry out of them that gives small buffs to certain stats. The degree that the gemed ring buffs you is dependent on the QL of the ring and the type of metal used to make the ring: Silver being the worst and Platinum being the best. These rings are also completely unlocked so anybody, even froobs, can use them to buff themselves.

It should also be noted that shadow gems behave differently in the AO economy than RK gems. When you cut and polish a Shadow gem it actualy loses value, and it loses even more value when you place it in a ring. So if you are going to sell Shadow Gems than simply sell them as you find them, or sell the rings to other players (especialy froobies) as buffing items.

232767 Almandine - Strength, Agility

232833 Amber - Melee Ini, Physical Ini, Ranged Ini

232755 Aquamarine - Sensory Improvement, Psychological Modification, Max Health

232779 Balas ruby - Add All Offense

File:232797.pngBlack opal - Add All Defense

File:232815.pngChrysoberyl - Heal Delta, Max Health

File:232838.pngCoral - Nano Delta, Heal Delta, Max Health

File:232773.pngDemantoid - Melee Damage Mod, Projectile Damage Mod, Energy Damage Mod

File:232731.pngDiamond - Space Time, Psychological Modification

File:232737.pngEmerald - Biological Metamophosis, Sensory Improvement

File:25796.pngFire opal - Fire Ac, Max Health

File:158274.pngJet - Matter Metamophosis, Nano Ini

File:25802.pngPearl - Chemical AC, Cold Damage Mod

File:25801.pngRed beryl - Stamina, Intelligence

File:25801.pngRuby Pearl - Sense, Intelligence

File:25795.pngSapphire - Materal Metamophosis, Biological Metamophosis, Max NCU

File:25796.pngStar Ruby - Material Creation, Space Time, Max Nano Energy

File:136596.pngTopaz - Energy AC, Projectile AC

File:25798.pngWater opal - Nano Delta, Max Nano Energy

File:25802.pngWhite opal - Cold AC, Poison AC

--Berael 19:26, 12 January 2007 (CET)

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