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Shadowlands is the first expansion pack for the award-winning massively multiplayer online game Anarchy Online.

The Shadowlands Feature List:

Learn more about this lair of advanced science, and the portal to the Shadowlands within.
  • New Playfields
Once a serene haven of absolute beauty, now, twisted, broken, torn at the edges, and ripped to shreds by immense powers: take a look at the playfields of the Shadowlands.
Discover your soul, and the extraordinary force of the inner core of your being. Discover your Shadow Breed!
  • New Profession
Two new professions to play that can only be started in the Shadowlands.
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Character development and combat are taken one step further with the introduction of perks, profession specialisation and special attacks.
The faction system in Shadowlands will introduce new levels of gameplay. Your actions will have direct consequences on where you're allowed to go, who will attack you, and who will trade with you.
  • Creatures & Monsters
Get a sneak peak at the mysterious creatures that inhabit the Shadowlands.
  • New Items
There will be a new array of armour, weapons and other items vital to anyone who dare enter the Shadowlands.

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