<html><style type="text/css"></style></html> Another fun tradeskill to come out of the Shadowlands, strange containers of foodstuffs can be seen popping up in chests in higher level areas like Penumbra and further from time to time. These containers can only be opened and processed by a trader, but the rewards are very sweet indeed. The scones inside the container will give you a huge boost to your maximum health that will slowly step down over the course of 15 minutes. Power food indeed!

Required SkillsEdit

Components and ToolsEdit

Item / Tool *1 Location min. QL
Sealed Container of Foodstuffs C SL Chest Loot 200
Multi-Form C Shop
R = reusable, C = consumed

Process Edit

The first thing to process this tradeskill is that the trader doing the tradeskill must right click on the sealed container to 'open' it, and then it becomes Sealed Container of Foodstuffs Awaiting Credentials

File:156345.png + File:258595.png = File:258582.png Skills: ?
Multi-Form Sealed Container of Foodstuffs
Awaiting Credentials
Box of Silirrion Scones

--Berael 17:08, 4 April 2007 (CEST)

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