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Solar Powered Pistol Upgrades[]

The Solar-Powered Pistol is a no-drop weapon that can be created with Tradeskills in a three step, four ingredient process. It can only be bought at the ICC Shuttleport. Newly created PCs start at the spaceport; there is no way to get back to it. Although the Solar-Powered Pistol is a starting weapon, it can be upgraded along two different paths, for a total of eight different weapons, that are a possible although not in many cases not optimal option for equipping up to and including level 200. To craft all of the weapons in the three paths requires buying or crafting three Solar-Powered Pistols, to collect all eight would of course require eight. Note also that there is no guide in this Wiki covering the creation of a Solar Powered Adventurer's Pistol.

First Path[]

Electrical Surge Pistol The first upgrade, the Electrical Surge Pistol, can be aquired in the ICC Shuttleport in two ways, both requiring either the Solar-Powered Pistol or the Solar-Powered Adventurer's Pistol. One is the six-step mission from the mission NPC Adri Afeli described on the Shuttleport page, and another is the first real tradeskill use, a two-step three-ingredient process alluded to in a conversation with the NPC Vendor Antonio Stacklund. When asked about upgrading pistols, Stacklund says that a power supply is required; Power Supply drops come from Cargo Droid enemies. Buy from Stacklund an Antonio's Adaption Factory, open up the tradeskill window, and combine the AAF with the Power Supply. Combine the result with the either of the two pistols named above. The resulting Electrical Surge Pistol, although only QL 1, is statistically superior to most pistol drops before level 30. However, it is the only one of the Solar Pistol upgrades that does not level, so it may be advisable to move on to the second or third upgrade path as soon as possible once arriving at the mainland. The Electrical Surge Pistol is not required in any further Tradeskill combinations, and can be disposed of if desired.

Quest: Adri Afeli[]

Collect Power Supply and Compression Chamber from the robots to the north of Adri. Although the quest links specific robots to specific drops in the quest list, both Cargo Droids and Waste Collectors drop both items. The rule of the higher the monster, the better the drops, applies here; better being higher drop/kill ratio in this case. Waste Collectors, though harder to kill, will drop both items faster.


Second Path[]

Solar Powered Tinker Pistol The bonus to Tutoring would make this a potentially useful weapon for any character with sufficient Pistol skill, and can be created by any character. However, its suitability is limited by the requirement of increasingly high Weaponsmithing skill to level it.

Upgradable up to level 39 by right-clicking ('tuning'). Tuning it requires a certain level of Weapon Smithing. See Third Path section.

The Tinker can be upgraded to the Mender version, and further upgrades. See below.

Although the Screwdriver and Pistol ingredients can be obtained at the ICC Shuttleport, the others cannot, therefore the Solar Powered Tinker Pistol cannot be created there.

NO DROP (cannot be traded) Right hand equip only Requirements at level 1: Equip: Pistol 9. Tune to level 2: Weapon Smithing 6. Damage at level 1: 3-16, critical hit 20, fire damage Bonuses: +1 each to Maximum health, Max nano, and Tutoring

Req. L39: Weapon Smithing 185, Pistol 187 Damage at level 1: 14-80, critical hit 77, fire damage Bonuses: +20 Max health, +43 to Max nano, +7 to Tutoring

=== Ingredients ===

=== Steps ===

  • I. Combine ingredients 1. and 2.
  • II. Combine Modified Jensen Personal Ore Extractor (the product of Step I) with ingredient 3.
  • III. Combine Unstable Robotic Self-Preservation System (the product of Step II) with ingredient 4.
  • IV. Combine Stable Robotic Self-Preservation System (the product of Step III) with ingredient 5., resulting in the final product, Solar-Powered Tinker Pistol.

Solar-Powered Mender Pistol

This upgrade not only levels ('tuning') from QL 40 to 99, but is used as an ingredient in the production of further upgrades; if these upgrades or ones following them are desired, it should be retained for this use. Its creation is a four-ingredient three-step process.

As with the Tinker pistol, its Tutoring and Mechanical Engineering bonuses can only be got by characters with high enough Weaponsmithing skill (189 at level 40, and 461 to level it to level 99).

Tuning it requires a certain level of Weapon Smithing. Note that the requirements increase to both tune it, and to equip it. Obviously this thing is a bit of a hmm, loaded gun waiting to go off? in terms of it being way too easy to right click on by mistake, which could level it beyond outside of desired Pistol level requirements.

NO DROP (not tradable) Maximum bonuses, at level 99, are:

  • Maximum Health Points + 50
  • Maximum Nano Energy + 109
  • Mechanical Engineering + 9
  • Tutoring + 18


  • 1. Technoscavenger Brain
  • 2. Screwdriver
  • 3. Bio-Analyzing Computer
  • 4. Solar-Powered Tinker Pistol


  • I. Combine ingredients 1. and 2.
  • II. Combine Techno-Scavenger Mechanic's Library (the product of Step I) with ingredient 3.
  • III. Combine Mechanical Analyzer (the product of Step II) with ingredient 4.

Solar-Powered Mechanic Pistol QL 100 - 139

Solar-Powered Machinist Pistol QL 140 - 179

Solar-Powered Engineer Pistol QL 180 - 199

Solar-Powered Master Engineer Pistol QL 200

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