Anarchy Online Knowledge Base

Soldiers have many weapon choices available. However, some are far more effective than others. The most popular choices are Assault Rifle, Pistol/Ranged Energy combo, and Pistol/SMG combo. For froob soldiers, pure SMG is also a viable choice.

Viable Weapons - Assault Rifles[]

Division 9 Plasmaprojector

While only 66% Assault Rifle and 33% Ranged Energy, this is generally the weapon of choice for froob Assault Rifle soldiers. Has a fast Burst cycle, but Burst is the only special. Comes in QL 1-200.

(Superior) (Rebuilt) Perennium Blaster

Fast Burst cycle and a decent Full Auto cycle, it has great special damage. 1/1 attack/recharge speed, 2000 MBS and great min and max damage make this the weapon of choice for assault rifle soldiers. Comes in QL 50-200. The QL 200 version is Superior. The Rebuilt version requires a Lord of Anger (which drops from The Beast in Pandemonium) and a Perennium Blaster Rebuild Kit. Requires Shadowlands.

(Augmented) Kyr'Ozch Carbine (- Type 13)

If upgraded to Type 13, it gains Fling Shot, Burst, and Full Auto. Comes in QL 1-300. A QL 250+ Type 13 carbine can be Augmented using a Notum Amplification Coil from APF. The downside to this gun is its long Full Auto recharge. Requires Alien Invasion.

Spastic/Cooperator (Spasmodic/Collaborator) Assault Rifle

While the parts for this gun drop in the Shadowlands, no part is nodrop and the finished product does not require Shadowlands. Thus, it is usable by froobs, for whom a QL 200ish version would work well as an endgame weapon. For paying players, there are better choices, as the attack speed of the gun goes up with QL, ending at 6 seconds for a QL 300.

Ofab Shark (Mk 1-6)

Our new Assault Rifle with Lost Eden. If you can reach the 2275 Full Auto skill needed to cap the FA recharge at 11 seconds, this is the best Assault Rifle option in the game. The Mk 1 is obtained from Victory Points and the upgrade clumps drop from the bosses of the Alien Mothership missions.

Viable Weapons - Pistols[]

Jobe City Guard Personal Pistol/Jobe Portal Guard Personal Pistol

The only pistol with Full Auto available to Soldiers. It has a very fast Full Auto cycle and 1/1 attack/recharge. MBS is slighly low though. Comes in QL 140-160, and the QL 160 is called Jobe Portal Guard Person Pistol. Requires Shadowlands.

Customized IMI Desert Reet 1000

If for some reason you decide to use pistols at a low level, this is what you would use alongside a Jobe City/Portal Guard Personal Pistol. It drops from the end boss of Biomare (Foremans). This dungeon is level locked to people 100 or lower. If you above 100, this pistol also drops from Notum Soldier.

Viable Weapons - Ranged Energy[]

Kyr'Ozch Energy Carbine (- Type 3 or - Type 5)

Type 3 has Aimed Shot and Fling Shot, and Type 5 has Burst and Fling Shot. Type 3 is used for PvP, and Type 5 for PvM. Comes in QL 1-300. The type 3 is often the PvP weapon of choice for Soldiers.

Kyr'Ozch Energy Pistol (- Type 5)

Often partnered with a Jobe City/Portal Guard Personal Pistol. Has Burst and Fling Shot as specials once it has been typed. Decent Fling Shot and Burst recharges. Requires Alien Invasion.

Viable Weapons - MG/SMG[]

(Blinded) Blackbird

Drops from the Crypt of Home. Comes in QL 100 to 105, the 105 having the prefix "Blinded". Froobs can look to dual-wielded Blinded Blackbirds from endgame weapons. For paying players, Blackbirds may be used if you decide to use a pistol/SMG combo early on when paired with a Jobe City/Portal Guard Personal Pistol.

Kyr'Ozch Machine Pistol (- Type 5)

Similar to the Energy Pistol, the gain from using SMG instead is because it deals energy damage, just like the Jobe City/Portal Guard Personal Pistol, resulting in more gain from Bracelets of Arul Saba. Also, the SMG Mastery perkline provides devastating specials as well as damage boosts.