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This guide is aiming at the froobie soldier crowd and is based on Tepamina's Soldier Guide, which can be found at the official forums. Instead of presenting pre-processed informations, you will find all the things to make up your own mind about how to handle your froobie soldier.


The role of a soldier is described in Tepamina's Soldier Guide. As an outline, soldiers are damage dealers with the option of acting as tank versus single mobs; which means they are a good asset if you lack one or even both things in your team. However, while soloing is possible, other professions have it much easier, either because of the usage of pets or better heals.

Basicly, the life of a soldier turns around how to deal more damage, what protection you can access, both in terms of armor and reflect shieldings (both normal and the emergency reflect TMS, Total Mirror Shield) and how to keep mobs aggroing you, if you end up as a tank.

To put the important factors into a list:

  • Guns: As a soldier you will try to maximize the damage for your selected line(s) of weapon(s), by trying to get the best gun(s) possible and shortening the recycle times of the Special Attacks.
  • Attack rating: While it doesn't need to be maximized to the extreme, a high attack rating makes sure you actually deal damage at all; it also helps landing crits more often. Attack rating becomes (very) important versus past level 200 mobs and in certain raid situations.
  • Armor: If you end up tanking mobs you may want to decrease the incoming damage as much as possible. One part in that equation is the armor, the more you have, the better.
  • HP: Similar to the need of armor you also may try to get as much HP as possible. This is not only good for tanking (boss-)mobs in team/raid-situations, but also helps with soloing.
  • Nanoskills: You should strive for getting the best reflect- and TMS-nano available. Unfortunately there are some problems involved with specific weapon types, attack rating and nano skills, which is explained further below.

Breed choice[]

In Tepamina's Soldier Guide there the breeds have been ordered from best to worst. Froobie soldiers don't have perks, nor do they have to meddle with symbiants. Looking more closely, the breed choice becomes less obvious. If you plan on upgrading, you should keep the changes added with SL and AI in your head, as they play an important role in the final decision.

The first important thing to note is the skillchart, which shows how expensive certain skills are to raise for a profession (soldiers are in the second last column). It doesn't make sense to raise all the green and light blue skills/abilities, but these usually allow for higher values and less IP consumption.

The second important thing are the raw ability and skill values you can obtain at various levels. For this guide, they are depicted for every first level of a new title level: