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General Information[]

Richards loc
  • Start NPC:
  Stephen Richards
  • Coordinates:


Inferno - 2480 x 1185 // Yutto Marshes
  • Level Range:
  • Time:
  ~20 Minutes
  • Quest Type:
  Kill Quest
  • Reward:
  Credits and XP

Stephen Richards wants to show you the best Inferno has to offer- You can find him to the West of the Lord Mordeth and Lord Galahad Garden Statues in Yutto Marshes (2480 x 1185).

The Conversation:
Stephen Richards: So, how can I help you?
You: I was wondering what kind of tours you offer!
Stephen Richards: Right now, I offer the "Best of Inferno" tour, including all the highlights of this diverse area.

We offer advice, or simply share a bit of local knowledge, delivering to you the best hunting locations!
All you have to do to start your adventure is to sign this disclaimer, pay the non-refundable deposit fee of 10,000 credits that is required to confirm your booking and you should be set to go!

A Rubi-Ka Tours Standard Expedition Disclaimer will appear in your inventory.
Stephen Richards: Let me have the signed disclaimer and the 10,000 credits then!
Return the disclaimer to him with 10,000 credits.
Stephen Richards: I'm delighted to welcome you to Inferno - where death comes to play with fire, making you long for the frosty plains of Penumbra!
You: Err.... sounds like fun!
Stephen Richards: Fun? Yes, some call it fun to drag their ass through pits of fire just to get a glimpse of the dragons, or wait in the everlasting night for the right moment to arrive when you have your chance to get that beast slain.

I like to call it a time killer. You know what they say: No rest for the wicked! Harr harr!
And this sure ain't the place to rest!

You: So, where do I start?
Stephen Richards: A chimera hunt is challenging because a chimera hunting territory is vast so they are constantly on the move.

Even more contemplating is the fact that a chimera only eats freshly killed meat so they don't respond well to bait.
It does take a bit of chance to encounter them, though we have key areas that are frequented by the chimeras.

You: Sign me up!
Stephen Richards: To be able to slay them you must act quickly.

Move in on the group quietly, and try to kill as many as 5 in each of the two main groups; the Weakened Chimera and the Chimera Crusher.
When you have slain each of these groups, go for the leader of the pack, the Chimera Aberrant, he should be a much easier target now that his pack is severely damaged.
When this adventure is done, come back to me to start on your next!

You: Goodbye

Mission: Chimera Hunt[]
  • Description:
Chimera Hunt

Hunting Chimeras can be a challenge - to be able to slay them you must act quickly. Move in on the group quietly, and when you have slain the Weakened Chimeras and the Chimera Crushers, go for the leader of the pack, the Chimera Aberrant, he should be a much easier target with his pack severely damaged.
When this is done return to your Safari Guide to start on the next adventure!

Kill 5 Weakened Chimeras
Kill 5 Chimera Crushers
Kill the Chimera Aberrant
Return to your Safari Guide

Mission Details[]

Chimera loc

The three types of mobs you have to kill spawn near the dungeon where you can find your Pandemonium Access Ring (1775 x 905) (see map on left). They need to be killed in order- five Weakened Chimeras, then five Chimera Crushers, then finally the Chimera Aberrant (the Chimera Aberrant is a mini-boss and has a 15 minute spawn time).

Chimera Crawlers also spawn in this area- they are not necessary to complete the mission.

When you are finished return to Stephen Richards to receive your reward.


For your trouble, you receive:

  • Credits: 1.000.000
  • Shadowknowledge: (3% of the total SK required to achieve the next level)
    • Level 214 will recieve 30814 SK
    • Level 215 will recieve 36977 SK
    • Level 216 will recieve 44372 SK
    • Level 217 will recieve 53247 SK
    • Level 218 will recieve 63896 SK
    • Level 219 will recieve 76675 SK

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