Anarchy Online Knowledge Base

Steps of Madness or SoM is a static dungeon in northern Omni Forest. Added to the game in 2001 as a Halloween treat, players originally needed a special teddy bear (the object of a separate quest) to enter. When SoM was made a permanent fixture, the teddy bear requirement was removed.

Players in teams are advised to be of level 30 or higher, and a level of 50 or higher is recommended for solo play.

Travelling north from the Omni-1 Entertainment east gate, players will come upon a path composed of parallel rows of standing stones. The path leads to a large rock with what appears to be a living eyeball in it. The eyeball eerily rolls around and watches the players approach. Access to the dungeon is afforded by right-clicking the eyeball. Clan and Neutral players (Omni too for that matter) can get warped instantly to Steps of Madness by Zyvania Bagh in Newland City

Players are then teleported into a winding system of caverns occupied by nightmarish creatures with equally horrific names (which nevertheless resemble metaphysicist bots). Most of these mobs drop items unique to SoM.

The final boss, Neleb the Deranged, is a painfully thin male who fights with great speed and strength. He also uses nukes and drains liberally. His drops feature unique items as well, including his nano-circuit robe (a must-have for all heavy nano-using professions), his notum battlerod, highly sought after by twinks because it's groosly overpowered, and the Cortex of the Executioner (a head implant that buffs critical chance, sneak attack and aimed shot). As a result, his spawn is heavily camped. He is guarded by four to six of the higher level mobs, so taking him on will likely require one or two teams operating cooperatively.

Also dropped is Fear Forged Blade from Unrelenting Fear mobs.