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Leader: Hayden Okoli, Solitus 175 bureaucrat

Location: unknown

Background: While Terra Firma is relatively new and small as compared to the other clan guilds, it has quickly gained a lot of support throughout the North due to Okoli's political charisma. Terra Firma does not seek conflict out of a desire for a completely clan-ruled planet, but instead they seek a democratic Rubi-Ka where both Omni-Tek and the clans have an equal part in governing the planet. Terra Firma bases it’s guild on the same democratic principles which it hopes to see being used to govern Rubi-Ka in the future. When asked how he continues to be the electoral victor in leadership contentions Okoli basis it on the respect he has earned. "The system works," he says, "and one day it will work for Rubi-Ka." It is widely believed that if democracy did come to Rubi-Ka Okoli would be a shoe-in for high office. Hayden Okoli is a politician through-and-through. Though he has compassion and desire for the clans to be free, he knows only bureaucracy, and so his plan for freedom is not simple. Though he once sought to end the conflict through peaceful means, he has realized that this is an unrealistic goal.

Feelings about the CoT: Terra Firma whole-heartedly supports the Council in all its efforts to try to end the conflict, though it is wary of how often they seem to pander to the will of Omni-Tek. Terra Firma is an active and proud member of the Council. They believe that the Council is a good example of the effectiveness of democracy and the power of the people.

Attitude towards the other Clans:

  • The Unionists: Terra Firma allies itself closely with the Unionists, because Okoli feels that since the Unionists are seen as the clan for the working class, it would give Terra Firma a lot of pull with a large population of the Clanners.
  • The Sentinels: Okoli has been known to support Simon Silverstone and his Sentinels, hoping to get their support for the war to come and for after the war. Terra Firma's dealings with the Sentinels are mostly behind closed doors, though, since the Sentinals are so unpopular.
  • Knights: Terra Firma finds itself conflicting most with the Knights, as Terra Firm sees the Knights' sense of honor and justice as crude and out-dated ways of going about things. To Terra Firma, honor is nowhere near as important as results.
  • New Dawn: Terra Firma sees New Dawns' desire for a peaceful resolution both as unrealistic and in conflict with Terra Firma's desire for a diplomatic Rubi-Ka, which it thinks Omni-Tek would never support.
  • The Pilgrims: Like the Unionists, Terra Firma realizes the popularity and therefore political power of the Pilgrims. While the Pilgrims pacifism counts against them in Terra Firma's eyes, it still sees the Pilgrims as an untapped resource as far as getting support from the other clans and the neutrals.
  • Vanguard: Politics need money to run, and so Terra Firma has a special place in its heart for the Vanguard clan. Eco Warriors: Terra Firma sees the Eco Warriors desire to leave Rubi-Ka as both unreasonable and infeasible.
  • Gaia: To Terra Firma, the environmentalist vote is currently a non-issue, and like the Pilgrims, Gaia is pacifistic and so that makes them lose points with Terra Firma.

--Tussa 14:43, 1 Jul 2005 (CEST)