Anarchy Online Knowledge Base

Introduction and Chat[]

The Test server is where Funcom Puts the latest patches before they go onto the live servers. In order to gain access to the test server you must visit here and get a duplicator [1]. After Duplication you will have to update your copy to the version that test is on. When you arrive on test you will notice that there are several new chat channels, they include:Playfield, Social, Global, Shopping, and Newbie Help.

Playfield: This channel is visible by anyone who is in the same playfield as you reguardless of Group Selector

Social:In this channel you will do all your normal talking and stuff, this can be heard by everyone everywhere, and all the time

Global:From this channel funcom developers and ARK bug Hunters will make offical announcements, NEVER CHAT IN HERE

Shopping:No accual selling goes on here, this is just where you would post items you want to give away.

Newbie Help:Just Chat into here and people will get you filled in

Respect is the key to having a good time on test, no flaming, spamming, or anything that is stupid in any of these channels.

Economy, Credits, and People[]

On the test server there is virtually no economy, We give we take. Pretty Much everything takes place in ICC thats where it all goes down Now, People who are from the Council Of Testers (COT's) are normal players who will hand out credits to you (up to 1 million) and will do all tradeskills, and cast any buffs that a 220/30 agent can using False Professions. To take advantage of these services just ask politely in vicinity.