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Spawn TimeEdit

The gates open every 7 hours and they stay open for 10 minutes. So if the gates open at 2:00 PM then they will close at 2:10 PM and open again at 9:10 PM.


Whompah to ICC and head northeast through a small tunnel in the wall of the ICC headquarters. Continue through the tunnel into a small valley, and on past that until you reach a large paved square landing pad with Unicorns at each corner. At the far end of the landing pad, there is a Unicorn Landing Beacon. Wait here until a shuttle comes (every 10 minutes). At this time a blue circular portal will appear at the base of the Unicorn Landing Beacon - step in. Once in, head downstairs and across a bridge (or you can run straight ahead and jump off the downramp to arrive immediately at the elevator). Follow the signs by turning left after the bridge, and you will arrive at an elevator. Right-click the elevator controls and you are now in the "staging area" of the playfields. You can talk to the Unicorn here to see how long till the gates open.



There are 3 sectors in the alien playfields, so you have to choose which one you want to raid.

Sector 28Edit

Objective: Protect the Rookie Alien HunterEdit

In this sector, you follow a NPC, the Rookie Alien Hunter. You follow him through a series of canyons loaded with groups of aliens. There are also several ambushes along the way. THE ROOKIE MUST STAY ALIVE UNTIL THE END! If the rookie dies, you must go back and get a new one, which is a major time waste because it basically means redoing the whole sector. Also, along the way through the canyons, there are several laser fences blocking the way. Do not run into these, as they will insta-kill you. When you come to these, stay behind the rookie and he will disable them. Once the rookie has disabled them, they are safe to pass through.

Boss : Embalmer Cha'KhazEdit

This boss spawns in the center of the last section of canyon as long as the rookie is still alive (after this it doesn't matter if the rookie dies). Have a single character (the tank) attack the embalmer to build hate, and NO ONE ELSE. The boss will spawn several adds: Support Sentries, Alien Pods, and regular aliens. Kill these immediately, especially the support sentries as they can cast protection/heal nanos on boss. The pods are a real pain too as they "capture" someone inside them, rendering that person unable to do anything until the pod is killed. I recommend having everyone assist a caller on the adds while the tank is building aggro. Once the tank has sufficient aggro (1-1.5 bars of health), everyone should attack the embalmer. Keep in mind that adds spawn throughout the fight so everyone should re-assist the caller frequently to make sure the adds stay to a minimum. It seems that when the embalmer is almost dead he starts to wipe aggro and attack random people--be prepared for this, docs.

Boss LootEdit


  • Stay with the rookie at all times! People get anxious and want to pull aliens from ahead, but this could leave the rookie open to one of the sudden ambushes that occur frequently.
  • If the rookie's health gets low, the only way to heal him is by putting MP heal pets on him.
  • Attacking and/or healing the rookie will result in insta-death. DO NOT ATTACK OR HEAL THE ROOKIE. AoEs have been fixed, the only ones that are not allowed are martial artist and fixer area hit special attacks (eg Cluster Bullets).

Sector 35Edit

Objective: Assist the unicorn field engineerEdit

In this sector, you clear the whole area of the bugs - just run through and kill em all to get maximum AXP. Ignore the ship and the unicorn in the center of the sector for now. Once the sector is cleared, everyone should gather under the ship. Only the mission holder should speak with the Unicorn Field Enginner, at which time 3 towers will spawn around the ship (Don't attack or heal these towers as the result is insta-death). **If these towers die then the generals wont come**. Waves gaygaygayof bugs will come in at staggered times from every direction, successfully kill them and keep the towers alive. After the waves, the generals come.

Boss : Field Marshal Cha'Khaz and Field Support Cha'KhazEdit

Both of these generals come at the SAME TIME (recommended 2 tanks, one per general). Let tanks build aggro then attack the support general first. Do this because while the support general is alive, the field marshal will have a huge reflect shield and you will be hitting him for about 40-80 dmg. Once support is gone, kill the field marshal. These bosses spawn NO ADDS so don't worry about those. These bosses also do not wipe aggro.

Boss LootEdit

Energy Redistribution Unit
Visible Light Remodulation Device
Kyr'Ozch Helmet


  • Do NOT HEAL OR ATTACK THE TOWERS as the result is insta-death. The only AoEs NOT allowed are martial artist and fixer area hit special attacks (eg Cluster Bullets).

Sector 13Edit

Objective: Assist the unicorns in preventing the bugs from making a baseEdit

In this sector, proceed along throught the canyon and kill all the bugs (There are several ambushes along the way). The canyon will eventually open into a wide crater with regular aliens in the center and a group of Supports and Sentries on the far side. Kill the regular bugs, and have one person pull the Support aliens from the far side. DO NOT attack the Sentries as they have a massive reflect shield while the Supports are alive. The mission-holder should now proceed to talk to the Unicorn Commander on top of the hill surrounding the crater (He can be found by running back throught the canyon towards the entrance until you reach a tree with large roots. At this time use the roots to jump onto a cliff edge on the right side of the canyon. Follow this cliff until it ends and you will find the Unicorn Commander). This will call down a large ship into the center of the crater, and a bunch of Unicorn Troopers will storm out towards the Sentries and attack them. Do not attack the Sentries until their shield has run out (should be shortly after Supports are killed). Once they are all dead, click on the Biological Transceiver to recieve a nano cast in ur NCU (needs 10 free ncu). Up ahead past the crater is another laser fence. **You can only pass through as long as the protection nano (shows up yellow in your NCU) is running on you** Failure to have the protection nano on you while running throught the fence results in insta-death. The boss now awaits.

Boss : Master Genesplicer Cha'KhazEdit

As with all the generals, let a tank build aggro before everyone attacks. This boss also spawns many adds so I recommend having an add-caller that everyone frequently assists to keep adds to a minimum. Adds spawned include support aliens, regular aliens, and alien vectors. These vectors, if not killed quickly, spawn large amounts of alien larvae. Whole raids can and have been wiped due to not killing vectors quickly enough. This boss seems to wipe aggro once he is nearing death.

Boss LootEdit

Action Probability Estimator
Dynamic Gas Redistribution Valves
Kyr'Ozch Helmet


  • Do not heal or attack the Unicorn Troopers. AoEs that are NOT allowed are martial artist and fixer area hit special attacks (eg Cluster Bullets)
  • Stay off the rock in the center of the crater.
  • Don't run through the laser fence if you don't have the protection nano in your NCU.

Tradeskilling the LootEdit

Energy Redistribution UnitEdit

Energy Redistribution Unit

Visible Light Remodulation DeviceEdit

Visible Light Remodulation Device

Dynamic Gas Redistribution ValvesEdit

Action Probability EstimatorEdit

Notum Amplification CoilEdit

Combine with an Augmented Hellspinner Shock Cannon to make a Twice Augmented Hellspinner Shock Cannon

Inertial Adjustment Processing UnitEdit

Makes Hadrulf's Viral Belt Component Platform:

Note that Viral Data Storages, Overheated Compilers, and Cannisters of Powder are common drops off of city Generals; and they may be any ql from 200-300 to be of use in this process.

Combining with a ql 250+ Diamondine Kick Pistol or Murder Maul removes the "Atrox only" equipping requirement.

Hacker ICE-Breaker SourceEdit

Combine with a Nano Programming Interface (reqs 1000 NP) to make a Intrusion Countermeasure Electronics Upgrade (100% CRU)


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