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The Brink denotes the edges of all playfields in the Shadowlands. It is a barren, torn and twisted area, beyond which there is nothing but void. It's literally the End of the World.

Monstrous beasts roam the Brink and tear at the Shadowlands, slowly, painfully, ripping it to shreds. The monsters at the Brink are much more dangerous than the creatures roaming the central parts of the first Shadowlands playfields. They are unbiased in their hostility, inherently destructive, and both powerful and aggressive. The purpose of their presence is a mystery to all, and they seem to thrive on making everyone unfortunate enough to cross their path victims of their relentless aggression.

Separating the Brink from the inner parts of the playfield there is a transition area where, in Nascence and Elysium for example, vegetation degenerates and the creatures become increasingly hostile and exotic.

Runar Thor Thorarinsson
Story & Game Designer