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Diving for Pearls.

Diving for Pearls.

The One Loved By The Sun has asked for your help to get rid of the eremites down at the beach, as he finds the sound they make rather annoying. The Swirling Eremite is supposed to hold a Pearl of the Endless Sea, as it is fond of the type of oysters that produce them.
Return to The One Loved By The Sun when you are done.

Kill the Coiling Eremite
(308.8 x 1258.7 x 2.8)
Kill the Bending Eremite
(470.9 x 703.2 x 3.6)
Kill the Swirling Eremite
(735.0 x 1497.3 x 2.8)

Final reward:
Silver Spider Knuckledusters, 250,000 credits and 200000xp plus misson xp.

After you kill all the Eremites, return to The One Loved By The Sun. Give them the Pearl, and receive your reward of the Silver Spider Knuckleduster.