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Leader: Aideen Landau, Atrox 175 Enforcer

Location: unknown

Background: The Unionists, like their leader, are mostly former or current miners, and they have no love for Omni-Tek. In fact, their hatred for the corporation is so strong that they want all Corporate-affiliated citizens exiled from the planet so that Rubi-Ka will be led by an all-clan regime. Their leader, Aideen Landau is a large atrox, and while most would assume it would struggle to put together complete sentences, when it opens its mouth, it is obvious that most people are very wrong. Aideen is no PhD, but it has worked in the mines and it knows exactly what it wants out of the conflict. It is also very good at making everyone understand what it wants, because despite his limited vocabulary, he is able to pick exactly the right words to express what everyone is feeling. He is very well spoken, and not just for an atrox.

Feelings about the CoT: The Unionists are reluctant in their participation in the CoT, because they see it as a concession to Omni-Tek. The Council’s priorities are obviously centered in finding a mutually beneficial solution to the conflict, but the Unionists want no such thing. To them, agreements such as the Tir Accord are an affront to the clans as they say the language suggests that Omni-Tek has the rights to the planet and they are being nice by letting the clans live in their own territory. They do respect the Council somewhat, though, as the Unionists see it as a stepping stone towards what will one day be a clan-led Rubi-Ka.

Attitude towards the other Clans:

  • The Sentinels: The Unionists have no patience for radicals, especially when they are focused on things as extraneous as the environment. However, the Unionists do have respect for the Sentinals' overall power, though they disagree with how extreme they are.
  • Terra Firma: The Unionists are pretty close to Terra Firma since Terra Firma claims to best represent every man. They are a bit skeptical of Terra Firma, though, as Terra Firma is usually too political.
  • Knights: The Unionists have a lot of respect for the Knights, and see them as the most honorable and reasonable of the clans.
  • Gaia: The Unionists have no desire to leave the current terraformed lands of Rubi-Ka, and since they are mostly miners and laborers, they have little desire for environmental conservation.
  • Eco Warriors: Like Gaia, The Unionists have little desire to ally with the Eco Warriors as they are against their extreme environmental conversation policies. The Unionists want to remain on Rubi-Ka and continue mining.
  • New Dawn: The Unionists see New Dawn as a reasonable clan, though the Unionists are a bit skeptical of them as New Dawn is rumored to be in bed with Omni-Tek.
  • The Pilgrims: The Pilgrims are a bit too peaceful for the Unionists, as the Unionists see war as the only possible solution to the war. The Unionists have no desire to help neutral or Omni citizens, but instead want a Rubi-Ka to be led by the clans.
  • Vanguard: The Unionists do not like Vanguard and feel that since Vanguard is concerned only with credits, they can not possibly have the greater good of the clan in mind.

--Tussa 19:09, 12 Jun 2005 (CEST)