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The timeline of human events as they relate to the Anarchy Online story includes many events mentioned in the Anarchy Online book Prophet Without Honor so the timeline may contain spoilers. This timeline focuses mainly on large scale events important anywhere in the galaxy, for a more detailed look of the history of Rubi-Ka see the Rubi-ka Timeline. The timeline is presented in-character, however not everything from Prophet Without Honor is confirmed as common knowledge.

Pre-Long Winter[]

Eons Ago - The Unredeemed and Redeemed begin their conflict.

  • A cataclysmic event creates the planet Rubi-Ka and the Shadowlands.

The history of Earth before the long winter is largely known from records kept by the Omega. The first human civilizations appeared around 3500 BC in Mesopotamia, with others developing in other portions of the world in the millennia afterwards. By 2000 AD, with the exception of Antarctica, the entire planet had been colonized and had a population of more than 6 Billion. Computers and satellites had led to instant communication and exchange of knowledge anywhere in the world. Humans had landed on the moon and sent probes to other planets. Nuclear technology was being used for the generation of power and in thermo-nuclear weapons.

2012 – Eric Miller and Simon Rosen, while working for a company called Farmatek, develops the first working nano-bot.

Long Winter[]

2012-2018 – A disease is first identified that quickly becomes an epidemic, the worst effected areas located in Asia. The plague meant certain death to those who caught it and it died

2018-2019 – Farmatek develops an apparent cure for the 2012 epidemic; however the cure, which used nano-bots, created a much more deadly pandemic. Painfully killing the person infected within hours. The plague spread worldwide within months killing more than 75% of Earth’s population.

2019 – A cult, who believed that the world was ending and humanity did not deserve to live on, detonated a number of nuclear bombs in major cities across the world. Since many plague survivors had moved to the cities in an attempt to rebuild society, the worlds population was even furthered decimated.

  • The environmental changes caused by the large number of nuclear explosions began a new ice age called the long winter. Society and technology was the equivalent of the Stone Age throughout much of the period.
  • Farmatek employees go into hiding.

Ca. 2830 – The city of Eden is founded in North America. It is believed to be the first city founded during the long winter.

Reign of the Omega[]

3332 – Farmatek employees come out of hiding calling themselves the Omega. They quickly take over the planet, enslaving the populous.

Ca. 8999 – The last natural childbirth of an Omega is born. (Not including David Marlin)

10th Millenia AD – The Homo Solitus is identified as a new type of human.

9999 – David Marlin is born to an Omega and a Solitus slave.

Emancipation War[]

Ca. 12100 – The Emancipation War, the rebellion against the Omega, begins. Various Solitus warlords unite worldwide behind leader David Marlin. Millions die before the war ends.

12127 – The Emancipation War ends in victory. 18 Omega were captured, while the rest, including the nine members of the Farmatek board, had escaped. The captured Omega are put to death.

  • David Marlin’s wife, Nika, and many others die in a final counterattack by the Omega on the Solitus command HQ.
  • World Congress is founded. The Congress is led by David Marlin, and made up of mostly former warlords.

Post-Emancipation War[]

Ca. 12270 – Warlord conflicts come to an end.

12272 – Omni-Tek, the first global corporation since the of the Omega, is created partly to expediate reconstruction of soceity.

Ca. 12300 – Other large corporations are created to prevent an Omni-Tek monopoly.

  • Space industry develops.
  • Interstellar Confederation of Corporations (ICC) is created.

12305 – June 07 – President of Earth, David Marlin, disappears from his home in Zurich. Rumors say he left Earth in a one person spaceship.

Discovery of Notum[]

28702 – September 03 – Two Omni-Tek survey vessels, the "Atlantean" and "Rimor", are the first human vessels to land on Rubi-Ka.

  • December 18 – The first Omni-Tek colonization ship, "Behemoth", arrives in orbit around Rubi-Ka.

28703 – Colonization and terraforming of Rubi-Ka begins.

28709 – January 01 – The ICC grants Omni-Tek a thousand-year lease for Rubi-Ka.

28715 - May 26 – Omni-Tek announces the discovery of notum, an element only found naturally on Rubi-Ka. Notum increases the power of nano-bots extensively, allowing the bots to work outside the body.

  • May 29- SOL Banking Corporation sues Omni-Tek for providing incomplete survey reports of Rubi-Ka.

28716 – January 08 – Omni-Tek vs. SOL Banking Corporation notum trial begins.

  • March 11 - The notum trial ends, after judge throws case out citing insufficient evidence.
  • March 15 – A coalition of Omni-Tek rival corporations announces a ban on Omni-Tek products.

28717 – June 02 – Ban on Omni-Tek products is quietly lifted and the coalition disbanded.

28718 - October 19 – First notum mine is opened on Rubi-Ka.

28719 – Notum is implemented into nanotechnology, revolutionizing the industry.

28721 – The colonization ship, “Behemoth�?, leaves Rubi-Ka’s orbit and disappears in subspace.

28740 – Omni-Tek signs a multi-century contract with three rival corporations guaranteeing them a constant supply of notum.

28758 – The “Behemoth�? appears in the Preclarus system, undamaged but empty.

28906 – A life-force, best described as a soul or spirit, is first measured by scientists. The life-force is found in all living creatures.

28845 – Omni-Tek scientists develop the first prototype for cell scanning technology, also known as Insurance. It allows a person to die, and be "reincarnated" at the moment of death. The scanner can only work on Rubi-Ka.

Corporate Wars[]

29112 – First serious complaints about Rubi-Ka’s working conditions is received by the ICC.

29130 – ICC initiates an investigation into Omni-Tek’s treatment of Rubi-Kan workers.

29191 – April 18 – On Rubi-Ka, Omni-Tek signs an agreement with the newly formed Omni-Tek Manual Laborers Guild.

29199 - Omni-Tek Manual Laborers Guild begins a strike on Rubi-Ka. Omni-Tek sends troops to force the workers back to work. ICC intervenes and is able to avoid any hostilities.

29201 – November 07 – Rubi-Kan workers stage an uprising which Omni-Tek violently suppresses.

29202 - The first clans are formed on Rubi-Ka.

29204 – February 20 – Omni-Tek destroys a SOL Banking Corporation cargo ship, claiming it was illegally transporting notum outside the Rubi-Ka system.

  • February 27 – Omni-Tek declares war on the SOL Banking Corporation.

29306 – July 24 – The clans rise up and rebel openly on Rubi-Ka, starting the first Rubi-Kan civil war.

29212 – Omni-Tek and SOL Banking Corporation sign a non-aggression and notum trade pact.

29212 – 29222 Omni-Tek pushes back the clans, eventually ending the first Rubi-Kan civil war.

29223 – July 04 – The Clans Rights Treaty is signed, granting Clans a limited lease of land on Rubi-Ka in exchange for the end of hostilities.

29250 – Neutrals first appear on Rubi-Ka.

29301 – The floating city of Jobe is built over Rubi-Ka by neutral scientists.

29374 – May 18 – The second Rubi-Kan civil war begins.

29389 – The Corporate Wars begin between Omni-Tek and a military alliance of other corporations. At its height the war had spread to 250 solar systems and 500 planets. 100 corporations were involved.

29390 – Omni-Tek pulls back on Rubi-Ka, needing the resources elseware.

29398 – The second Rubi-Kan civil war is considered over.

29418 – May 19 – SOL banking Corporation invades Rubi-Ka, both Omni-Tek and clans fight back. SOL Banking troops are on the planet for two years.

29419 – March 11 - An estimated 6 million people are killed when Omni-Tek attacks SOL Banking Corporations and TruSpace networks corporate interests on Earth. ICC installations are left unharmed.

29424 – September 26 – A terrorist group attacks Mars with biological weapons. Close to 10 million people are killed. The terrorists’ slogan is “Free Rubi-Ka�?.

29436 – Insurance cell scanning technology is released to the Omni-Tek public of Rubi-Ka.

29442 – June 09 – The Corporate Wars end. An estimated 120 million people were killed.

29443 – Corporate War trials.

  • ICC peacekeeping forces are formed.

29444 – ICC reduces Omni-Tek’s lease on Rubi-Ka to January 1, 29550.

Rubi-Ka Years[]

29452 – Insurance cell scanning technology is made available to all Rubi-Kan citizens.

29461 – August 30 – The third Rubi-Kan civil war begins...

29456 – A weak ICC peacekeeping force attempts to intervene, but pulls back after being attacked by both sides.

29466 – October 07 – 1466 Omni-Tek soldiers are killed in 6 separate attacks, their insurance patterns sabotaged. The group responsible is later identified as the Dust Brigade.

29470 – A cease fire is enacted and the Tir accord signed, ending the third Rubi-Kan civil war.

29475 – June 26 – Colonization restrictions are lifted on Rubi-Ka, causing an influx of colonists.

  • December 19 – The Dust Brigade surface after five years and destroy an apartment building in Omni-1 Entertainment.

29476 – September 18 – ICC peacekeepers land on Rubi-Ka in response to growing tensions between the Clans and Omni-Tek.

  • October 18 – The Tir Accord on Rubi-Ka is annulled.
  • November 29 – ICC allows any organization to mine notum on Rubi-Ka, however Omni-Tek still has a monopoly on the off-world distribution. The conflicts that arise at the mining areas are later called the Tower or Notum wars.

29477 – August 27 – Portal to the Shadowlands is made public. The Shadowlands exists in another dimension and contains its own wildlife and intelligent beings who are in conflict with each other. Omni-Tek and clans take sides in the conflict with the Unredeemed and Redeemed respectively.

  • December 18 – The first explorers reach the area of the Shadowlands called Pandemonium.

29478 – May 03 – Explorers kill a creature called The Beast in the inner realm of Pandemonium in the Shadowlands. A portal leads to robot called Number Nine who gives a cryptic message.

  • September 01 – The first known aliens outside the Shadowlands begin a war against the population of Rubi-Ka. The aliens attempt no communication and constantly attack cites and orbital communication systems.

29479 - ICC submits a proposal to the factions of Rubi-Ka to deploy four goliath class orbital weapon platforms to help in planetary defense.

  • May 7 – Philip Ross, CEO of the Rubi-Ka department of Omni-Tek is shot and severely injured.
  • July 7 - Tarkhan Zora, Unicorn security advisor to the Omni Prime Board of Directors, is made acting CEO of Rubi-Ka.