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Tir is the Clan capital, home of Simon Silverstone and the Council of Truth.

Tir contains the clan Arena and has all the usual facilities such as Basic, Advanced, Superior and Veteran shops, mission terminals at several locations, a grid terminal and Global Market Search terminals.

Tir has whom-pah routes to Old Athen, Varmint Woods and ICC.

Tir is also known for its ancient subway, which is not functional anymore (located next to Council of Truth and Arena entrance) and a flooded city channel.

The Clan guards and commanders outside the gates and a ways from the Whompah will attack both Omni and Neutrals on sight. Greater Tir County can instead be quickly reached by heading to ICC Headquarters, finishing the quest given by Windcaller Karrec in a storage shack on the SW side, and heading to the Temple of the Three Winds. From there, a shuttle can be taken back to ICC HQ.

Tir map

Map of Tir