Anarchy Online Knowledge Base

This is a collection of acronyms that are used on the trade channels and on the market forums.


This means 'Willing To Sell' and indicates that somebody is trying to sell something. It is generaly used at the beginning of a trader channel post or in the name of a market forum post.

It is also an expression used by players when they want to get rid of something, such as spam or aggro.


'Willing to Buy' is an acronym used when a player is looking for a item to buy. It is also occasionaly used to request buffs.

This expression is also sometimes used by players to indicate that they want something in general chat.


'Willing to Hire' is an expression that is used when somebody is requesting a service of another character, ussualy tradeskills or common buffs. It indicates that the person is willing to pay for the service.


'Please Send Tell' is commonly used at the end of trade channel posts as an indication of how to get into contact with the seller or solicitor.


'Or Best Offer' is uncommonly used but indicates that the person has set a price for something but is willing to accept higher (that is: better) offers.