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When Tradeskilling there are a great many items that are not consumed in a process and simply used over and over again. These items are generaly refered to as tools (as opposed to components) and are often used in a variety of tradeskill operations.

Classic Game[]

Many of the tools from the Classic AO game are shop buyable so they will be listed under the shops they come from.

General Tools and Bases[]

  • File:20410.png Field Quantum Physics All-Purpose Tool - Used in many operations that require subtly altering the structure of an item.
  • File:156324.png ID-Extractor - Exclusively used to extract ID data from holographic cameras.
  • 72783 Isotope Separator - Exclusively used to create blank nano crystals from carbon rich rock.
  • 149947 Jensen Personal Ore Extractor - Most commonly used to extract carbon crystals from carbon rich rocks.
  • 99235 Neutron Displacer - Used in the creation of blank nano crystals and overtuned tank armors.

Electrical and Mechanical Engineering[]

  • File:149941.png Jensen Gem Cutter - Used for cutting and preparing gem stones of all sorts.
  • File:149942.png Precious Metal Reclaimer - Used for refining precious metals from Rubi-Ka as well as processing Robot Junk into Junk Metal.
  • File:151011.png Screwdriver - The quintessential tool that is used for many tradeskills, including armor creation.
  • File:149952.png Wire Drawing Machine - Used for making wire out of melted precious metals.

Pharmacy and Chemistry Tools and Bases[]


  • File:99282.png Hacker Tool - This tool is used to break the security on many devices.


  • File:99282.png Hacker Tool - This tool is used to break the security on many devices.
  • File:12709.png Lock Pick - Used to unlock things like the casings on NCUs.
  • File:99279.png Nano Programming Interface - used to change the programing on nanobots or repair programing.



  • File:33167.png Sledgehammer - Used exclusively to break notum rocks into usable peices.

Special Tools[]

The Notum Wars[]

  • 202575 Multi-Purpose Tuner - Used To make Personal Service Towers

The Shadowlands[]

Alien Invasion[]

  • File:246929.png Body Heat Pattern Analyzer - Regulates biomesh for Basic Armor
  • File:247099.png Kyr'Ozch Atomic Re-Structuralizing Tool - Memory Wipes Kyr'ozch non-lead viral bots
  • File:247100.png Kyr'Ozch Structural Analyzer - Identifies Kyr'Ozch Bio Material

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