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A Whompah

Travelling on Rubi-ka== There are many ways to travel in Anarchy Online.

Probably the way you'll initially be travelling is through Whompah, which are teleport portals which are located in every large city. Whompahs are a free way to travel to most large city hubs, but are not always a preffered means of travel if your destination is located away from big cities, although there are a few Whompahs in rural areas. On the map, Whompah entryways are represented by colored arrows with the names of the destinations they lead to next to them. Blue is to an Omni-Tek controlled destination, green is for nuetral destination and orange is for Clan destinations.

Another good way to travel is the Grid. Grid entryways are represented on the planet map as small blue triangles. The downside to the Grid is that you have to have a fairly high Computer Literacy to use it to much effectiveness, as this skill determines what locations you can grid to.


Vehicles, such as the Yalmaha, are also a great way to get around, especially when used in combination with the Grid or Whompahs. They are very pricey for starter players though, with the cheapest land vehicles being at least 200,000 credits, while air vehicles such as the Yalm are probably going to be around 5 million credits at the least. Vehicles also require the skills for their type to be high enough, so you will also have to invest some IP points into vehic

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