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The Outpost of Treepine Hut

Treepine Hut is a little Neutral outpost in the central zone of Pleasant Meadows.


Treepine Hut is a recently founded outpost that was started by Silverleaf Funguspore, who uses the area as a base point for his bronto hunting operations.

Much of the little outpost resembles Harrys in its cobling together of various styles of building.

The pressence of ICC Peacekeepers would indicate that the outpost is either outright Neutral or simply far enough out that the governing body thought is needed more protection from the ravages of the war.

Present Day[]

Currently, the litte outpost is seldom visited by people other then the occasional adventurer or wanderer, but it still serves its major purpose as a base camp for warden funguspore.


  • A comprehensive basic quality Neutral shop right near the West gate of Treepine Hut at (2269,1857).
  • For those who are hungry, you can go to (2288,1853) and see the Neutral Bronto Chef
  • In the middle of the town at (2299,1833) you can stock up on bag from the Container Supplier.
  • Near the eastern gate, located at (2299,1833), is a Neutral advanced quality pharmacist.
  • An Omni-Tek shop can be found at (2274,1827) and sells advanced Armor, Weapons, and clothing.

Silverleaf Funguspore

Sites to see[]

There are few sites that stick out in Pinetree Hut.


  • The little known Silverleaf Funguspore can be found at (2271,1830) and is the Omni-Tek Warden of Pleasant Meadows. He has a little to say about the area and people like Milo Chatter at 20K and Harry at Harrys.


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