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Quest options[]


  • Kyr'Ozch Structural Analyzer - allows you to tradeskill Kyr'Ozch Bio-Material.
  • Bazzit's Alien Library - you can now train Alien Expertise Level 3.
  • Overclocked Belt Component Platform - just nice item.


This is a long time quest, but can be splitted in a parts to take a rest for as long as you need. It is posibility for short breaks when you receive next mission (miss lenght can be from a hours to few days).

Known issues[]

From official forum:

  • "...if you say the wrong thing in many of the conversations you need to petition or you can never-ever complete the chain. The conversation cannot be restarted with the desired options, the previous quest cannot be repeated to get the follow-up, the whole thing can't be repeated to get the step you want"
*... I figured it would just be faster to re-do the whole quest chain and get a new Bazzit's Library, but can't, because Uncle Bazzit won't give me the unknown device.*
  • "...Started uncle bazzit's quest, got to like the 2nd part, but then went off to do other mishes, couldnt get in, so i had to delete bazzit's quest. NOW i cant start it again"
  • "... When I was doing the quest, I stopped at one of the recommended stop points, tried to resume and couldn't...the dialogue would keep looping."
  • "... I did the quest until I received the Linked Hacker Tool but then deleted it caz want to restart the whole quest."

So ... what to do :

  • If it is possible don't stop during the quest
  • If not - make short breaks
  • Do not delete any quest items untill the whole quest is done.
  • Do not break conversations with NPC
  • If you have a problem not being able to continue the quest, go back to the last person that you talked to.
  • Last - send /pettition, explain to the GM your situation and he will reset your quest flag and/or respawn items depending on situation.


Part 1[]

Talk to Uncle Bazzit[]

Area: Meetmedere, Pos: 1546.6, 2723.2, 31.2

Start chat with Uncle Bazzit. He will tell you that he performs "...custom-built upgrades for weapons" for special customers only. Asking if he can upgrade your weapon he says that "...he can’t", that he is busy trying find more information on a device that he is working on. Offer to help him and after some talking (choose the "It looks like something that could modify its head" dialogue option) he gives you:

  • Un device Unknown Device
  • Mission: Talk to Deidre Lux in Stret West Bank about the strange device you got from Uncle Bazzit.

Talk to Deidre Lux[]

Area: East Last Ditch, Pos: 1260.0, 2845.1, 0.0

Way to : Grid from Meetmedere - exit at Borealis - whompa to Stret West Bank. You meet her south of whom-pa exit round inside the Courtyard in Last Ditch. After some talking and looking at the Unknown device she gives a weapon to return to the Vanguards.

  • Pistola 1st edition Pistola Di Macchina Mini Automatico 2
  • Mission: Deidre needs a new gun
  • Make a note of what frequency she wants it tuned to. You'll need this !!

Talk to Ramon Bauer (clan/neutral version)[]

Area: Old Athen East, Pos: 502.9, 565.4, 11.9 near exit from grid.

Find Ramon Bauer, show him the gun, he will ask for a favour and give you

  • Mod track device Modified Tracking Device

Target Commander Kend Ash[]

Area: Omni Trade District Pos: 413.4, 405.9, 40.4 Find Commander Kend Ash and target him until the tracking device registers his location.

Talk to Ramon Bauer[]

Hand him the Modified Tracking Device. He will then tune the weapon for you, he needs to know the frequency - you have note before. Return to Deidre Lux in Stret West Bank.

Talk to Deidre Lux[]

Take her the weapon. She tels you that Ofoz might be able to help you. But that requires membership in the Fixers only group the Smokers Lounge, you need to complete a mini-fixer type quest to get an affiliate card.

Part 2[]

At this point you can rest. Once you are ready to continue - return to Deidre Lux.

Talk to Deidre Lux[]

When you are ready - talk to Deidre Lux. She asks about code breaking tool and gives next mission - Test of Speed

  • Hack tool Hacker Tool - can be bought in any store.

Test of Speed[]

Right click your Hacker Tool on the mobs.

  • Cyborg Lieutenant Colonel - Area: Mort Crater, Pos: 1400.9, 532.3, 44.7
  • Cyborg Brigadier General - Same location as above.
  • Prototype Inferno - Inside Cyborg Barracks, Greater Tir County.

Talk to Deidre Lux[]

Hand her the Hacker Tool and she'll give you a Linked Hacker Tool

  • L hack tool

Part 3[]

At this point you can rest. Once you are ready to continue - return to Deidre Lux.

Talk to Deidre Lux[]

Show the Linked Hacker Tool to receive your next mission. She will ask you to find a Vanguard Node Access Card. This is pick-up mission. Upload to map and complete.

Talk to Deidre Lux[]

Show Vanguard Node Access Card and the Linked Hacker Tool. She will hack it and give them both back, you now have a

  • Hack nod acc card Hacked Vanguard Node 19 Access Card - for next mission.

Hack a Vanguard Node and remove any trace of Bazzit in the account database:

  • found the node inside the mission.
  • trade the Hacked Vanguard Node 19 Access Card.
  • Tricky part - set of commands.

You need to enter the commands in the following sequence, if it goes wrong you can break the link and start again, but as a result of this trading you must obtain :

  • Nod logs Vanguard Node 19 Logs - "These are logs pulled from the Vanguard 19 Node hack. These logs contain no references of any kind to Uncle Bazzit."
  • Not this one - "These are logs pulled from the Vanguard 19 Node hack. The logs contain references to transactions made on Uncle Bazzit's account."

Short conversation:

  • Accounts..
  • Query...
  • Uncle Bazzit
  • Purge User...
  • Yes
  • Logs...
  • Search User...
  • Uncle Bazzit
  • Print...

Return and show her the logs, reward

  • Affil card Hacker Club Affiliate Card.

Speak to Deidre about the Unknown Device, hand her the device and she will ask Ofoz about it for you, he will give the information that it is a Kyr'Ozch Structural Analyzer. Continue until you say "I must tell Bazzit about this"... You will get new mission

Visit Uncle Bazzit[]

Go back to Meetmedere, show him the Kyr'Ozch Structural Analyzer, and he will advise you to speak to Ofoz. In my case (neutral) found him in Newland City, near West city gates (260, 320).

Talk to Ofoz[]

Ofoz is in Newland City ("Newland") near the west gates. Show him the Hackers Club Affliate Card. He will ask for the Kyr'Ozch Structural Analyzer , then ask to hack into an Omni Node for more information, and will give you

  • Remote hack tool Remote Access Hacker Tool.

Right-Click this tool on the Omni-Tek Node you will find in the mission, and you should be rewarded with

  • Omni node log Omni-Tek Node Logs.

Return to Ozof.

Talk to Ofoz[]

Show the logs, keep talking with him, ask him about the "Unicorns" and he will give you a mission to speak with Sirocco.

Talk to Sirocco[]

Area: Old Athen EAST, Pos: 210.8, 216.6, 8.0, SW Corner of Old Athen.

Show him your "Hacker Club Affiliate Card", he will ask to see the Kyr'Ozch Structural Analyzer , then he will complete the hack for you and let you know the results. Tell him "... you will let Bazzit know what he has found out" and you will receive a new quest.

Talk to Uncle Bazzit[]

Show the Analyzer and you will be rewarded with the

  • Bazz all libr Bazzit's Alien Library

Part 4[]

At this point you can rest. Once you are ready to continue - return to Uncle Bazzit.

Talk to Uncle Bazzit[]

Tell him you are ready to continue. Bazzit tells that he purchased the analyzer from Ramon Bauer, and suggests that he might be able to give more information on where it came from. You have got new mission.

Talk to Ramon[]

Ramon wants you to retrieve some "Stolen goods" before he will give you information, you will receive a mission.

Return the Stolen Goods[]

This is "pick-up" mission, upload to map, complete, return

  • Stolen goods Stolen Goods to Ramon.

He will then ask for the Kyr'Ozch Structural Analyzer again so he can scan it for you. You will receive a mission.

Talk to Eco Red[]

Area: Aegean, Rising Sun Plateau, Pos:(625x1150).

He is "... extremly busy and would really apreciate if you'd do him small favor, while he tries to remember about this device..". So you will receive

  • Scan device Scanning Device to help scanning some creatures, and mission.

Scan creatures[]


  • Hammer Beast - Aegean, South of Plateau or Southern Foul Hills

NW Corner -- 702 X 3348

  • Rollerrat - Clan Backyard.
  • Vulture Feuder - Broken Shores, SW of Home or Southern Foul Hills again. Center of the map, 1/3 of the way down Near a new City. Cords:1742 X 2460
  • Monolith Blubbag - Broken Shores, NE-East of Home.Follow Path. Or Pleasant Meadows 2077 X 2393
  • Grass Snake - Omni Backyard.

Scan Cteatures, return to Eco Red, hand him the scanner, you will receive next mission:

  • Show the Kyr'Ozch Structural Analyzer to Zibell.

Talk to Zibell[]

Area: Central Artery Valley, Pos: (3430x2650)

Zibell the Wanderer- small village in Central Artery Valley, in the northeast corner. He talk to much, so just show him Kyr'Ozch Structural Analyzer and

  • Mission will be updated - Get rid of Dr. Krank

Getting Papers[]

NOTE: Now the quest is slightly different again for Clan and Omni, the NPCs required for the next part is either Alvin Odeleder for Omni-Tek or Dodga Demerzel for Clans

Clanners talk to Dodga Demercell Area: Aegean,Rising Sun Plateau, Pos: (605x1120)

Talk to Dodga Demercel about his shortage of people and ask him if he has a transfer form, when he asks why tell him it is to help Bazzit. He will give you:

  • Omni pers trans app Omni-Tek Personnel Transfer Application
  • Mission will be updated - visit Dr. Krank

Omnis talk to Alvin Odeleder at 1540, 2500 in Lush Fields keeps an eye on suspicious robot activities. Talking to him, Alvin is shorthanded and needs more people to help him gather important information for Omni-Tek. When asked why he didn’t apply for more people he explains that due to the paperwork involved, he would rather try to recruit random volunteers that walk in from the road.

The mission description says we need papers that look official to get Dr. Krank to leave. The forms Alvin showed us looked pretty official to me. So we go ahead and ask him if we could have one to help Uncle Bazzit. Turns out Alvin and Bazzit are close friends so he is more than happy to help us put together some transfer papers to convince ‘someone called Dr. Krank to move out of a specific area.’

Now armed with the Omni-Tek Personnel Transfer Application we are ready to confront Dr. Krank.

Talk to Dr. Krank[]

Area: Central Artery Valley, Pos: 2965, 1315

Show him the Omni-Tek Personnel Transfer Application, he will agree to move.

  • Mission will be updated

Talk to Zibell[]

Head back to Zibell again, and show him the Kyr'Ozch Structural Analyzer again, he will tell you where he found it and talk about Dr. Krank being there.

  • Mission will be updated

Talk to Dr. Krank[]

Back to Dr. Krank, show him the Kyr'Ozch Structural Analyzer. He will share information and also

  • Kyr bio mat Solid Clump of Kyr'Ozch Bio-Material Dr. Krank will not be at his original coords. Dr. Krank had moved to 3203, 1763


Go back to Bazzit, show him the Kyr'Ozch Structural Analyzer and tell him what information you found out. He will revard you with

  • Over belt comp Overclocked Belt Component Platform

2 items you get erlier :

  • Kyr'Ozch Structural Analyzer
  • Bazzit's Alien Library

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