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Leader: Alan Jacobi, Opifex 220 Fixer

Location: Old Athens North

Background: If there is a way to make an honest profit on Rubi-Ka then Vanguard and Alan Jacobi will tell you about it and tell you about how much credits they made doing it. If there is a way to make money under the table and turn an even more respectable profit doing it. They will not admit to it because they prefer their niche market. Alan started on the streets of Tir running small cons and helping the bigger fish stay big fish. He never really cared much for protection racks or strong handling but his mind was quick and his calculator quicker. Using his skills with numbers and accounts he began his own nest egg and using profits from his employers he started his own company. Vanguard is the guild, which was created around this organization. Mafia Don isn’t quite the way that Alan Jacobi wishes to be seen but it’s the way that most outside of Vanguard view him and his capitalistic Clan.

Feelings about the CoT: A Mutually agreed upon solution to Clan and Omni-Tek and Clan versus Clan agreesion is all Alan really wishes for. The more people that get along and can come to some sort of agreement the more people are willing to trade with him and Vanguard. Yes, it comes down to what Vanguard will gain from these meetings and his presence there.

--Tussa 19:13, 12 Jun 2005 (CEST)