Anarchy Online Knowledge Base

The 15.9.5 patch will see the introduction of special rewards for veteran AO players. To mark the celebration of AOs fourth anniversary celebrations our veteran players will now have access to special shops that offer some very unique items!

Gameplay Features

  • Veteran shops are located in Tir, Borealis and Omni-Ent.
  • Players will be awarded veteran points based on how many months their account has been active. Months paid for in advance are not counted in advance.
  • Veterans points are awarded as follows:
    • 6 months = +1 Veteran point
    • 12 months = +2 Veteran points
    • 18 months = +3 Veteran points
    • 24 months = +4 Veteran points
    • 30 months = +5 Veteran points
    • 36 months = +6 Veteran points
    • 42 months = +7 Veteran points
    • 48 months = +8 Veteran points
  • Veteran points will apply to every character on an account, even newly created ones. So if a veteran player elligable for 10 veteran points creates a new character that character will have 10 veteran points ready to spend
  • Each character on an account can spend the total number of points so veteran points are not spread out across all your characters, if you are eligible for 10 points every character gets to spend 10 points each.
  • Veteran points will be used to buy items from the special veterans vendors

Design Considerations

The aim of the veterans program is to provide veteran players with some unique items reserved for those who have played Anarchy Online for some time.

Some of the items are fun cosmetic items that we think our veteran players will appreciate and are in keeping with the sense of humour and style that Anarchy Online is renowned for.

Secondly there are items that make the veterans life easier on their alternate characters (or even their main character in some cases). These include the option to use veterans points to purchase a low requirement Yalmaha or even some tokens to boost your token board.

What we did not want to do was create a “them and us�? situation where veteran items were seen as in some way essential to have a good character. To that end you will not find any items in the veterans program that make your characters more powerful or add stats.

The point of the veterans program is to provide some fun and to help veteran players with some of the repeatable tasks on their alternate characters.

Its also worth being aware that We may also be adding more items over time so players should be aware of that when spending all their veteran points.

Veterans Items Preview

There are a selection of item available to purchase with your veteran points, lets take a look through and see what some of them are!

Visual Social Items

There is a great choice of fun stuff to choose from here for roleplaying, parties or just having a joke with friends! You can click anywhere on the gallery below and use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate between the different images

The list of these visual items is as follows:

  • Alphabet T-Shirt a simple white on black design with each letter of the alphabet, you only have to buy the shirt once, right clicking on the item in your inventory cycles through the letters. Uppercase on the front, lower case on the back!
  • Protest Placard Have something to say? Now you can have a real protest. Like the T-Shirt the placard cycles through various slogans when right clicked there are over twenty to choose from!
  • Shoulder Devil and Angel two seperate items for when you need to show which side of your personality is coming through!
  • Flashlight
  • Spade
  • Floating drum kit thats right, they float in front of you for perfect performance!
  • Guitar case Even Antonio Banderas didn't have a guitar case as good looking as this
  • Rollerrat Balloon It floats beside you in the shape of a rollerrat!!
  • Shark Fin and Helmet How to scare people in water!
  • Halo For the truely angelic types!
  • Handheld computer Your very own PDA
  • Veterans Backpack Funky new design to wear on your back

Useable Items

Ok, so thats the fun stuff! What about the useful stuff? Here is a list of items veterans can find to make their life a little easier!

  • Veterans Treatment Lab and Upgrades A special treatment kit that is useable in Shadowlands and on Rubi-Ka. It heals for a large amount instantly and the more upgrades you buy and install into it the better healing and faster recharge you get. The kit costs 3 VP and each upgrade an additional 5 VP
  • Basic kit - 700 Treatment - 1450 Heal with a 20 minute recharge
  • First upgrade - 900 Treatment - 1900 Heal with a 16 minute recharge
  • Second upgrade - 1100 Treatment - 2700 Heal with a 12 minute recharge
  • Third upgrade - 1200 Treatment - 3500 Heal with a 8 minute recharge
  • Foruth upgrade - 1300 Treatment - 4250 Heal with a 4 minute recharge
  • Shadowlands Recall Beacon Allows you to warp directly to the Shadowlands garden or sanctuary equivalent to whichever key you currently have equipped. Costs 10 VP
  • Veteran Token Adds 50 tokens to your token count. Costs 7 VP
  • Yalmaha Kit When right clicks spawns a yalmaha to your inventory with a vehicle air requirement of only 81. Costs 7 VP

So there you have it, thats the run down of what is in store with the veterans rewards. Do remember though that we may add additional items in the future as well.