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Required skills[]

  • Mechanical Engineering (ME)
  • Electrical Engineering (EE)

Required Items and Tools[]

Amount tool *1 finding place min. QL
1 Mantis Egg V Mantis-Queen/Mantis-Breeder
Smugglers Den
QL 190
3 Small Gold Ingot V Loot min. QL 190
3 Soul Fragment V Loot min. QL 190
1 Robot Junk V Loot min. QL 190
4 Personal Furnace V Shop
Mechanical and Electrical
Engineering Components
1 Nano Circuitry Wire V Shop
General Components
1 Wire Drawing Machine W Shop
Tools for Electrical
and Mechanical Engineering
min. QL 100 ?
1 Jensen Gem Cutter W ?
1 Screwdriver W QL10
*1 R = reuseable, C = consumed

The small gold ingots out of the Shadowlands can't be used for this process.

The Soul Fragments you need for the VTE drop often from Medusas or Martial Artists Monsters.
Many Medua monsters can be found in the East of Deep Artery Valley they also drop varius rings and bracer that can be melt and transformed into Gold.

Robot junk can be found from any robotic monster, such as those found (near Alvin) but for this use you will need higher ql junk so you will probably need to kill slayerdroids, such as the ones found near Lush Hills Resort or from high level missions.

Tradeskill Process[]

The combination of items in Anarchy Online works as followed:

Open the tradeskill window (Ctrl-t). Here you can place the two items you want to combine in the left and middle part. The resulting Item will be shown in the right area. Missing skills, or non possible combinations will be shown below. A detailed look on the resulting item is possible with a simple shift-left-click on it. It is recommended to have free inventory space before combining items, else the item will end in the overflow window.


3x 150930 + File:232660:190.png = File:151372:190.png Skills:
Personal Furnace Small Gold Ingot Liquid Gold QL x 3,2 (ME)
File:150917:200.png + File:151372:190.png = File:151368:190.png Skills:
Wire Drawing Machine Liquid Gold Gold Filigree Wire QL x 4,8 (ME)
1x 150922 + File:42620:190.png = File:150924:190.png Skills:
Screwdriver Robot Junk Nano Sensor none
File:150919:190.png + File:150924:190.png = File:150925:190.png Skills:
Nano Circuitry Wire Nano Sensor Interfaced Nano Sensor QLx 3.5(ME), 4.25(EE)
151366 + File:136633:190.png = File:151484:190.png Skills:
Jensen Gem Cutter Soul Fragment Perfectly Cut Soul Fragment QL x 5 (ME)


150930 + File:157947:190.png = File:157950:190.png Skills:
Personal Furnace Mantis Egg Petrified Mantis Egg 760 ME
File:151368:190.png + File:157950:190.png = File:157948:190.png Skills:
Gold Filigree Wire Petrified Mantis Egg Partially Wired Mantis Egg QL x
File:151368:190.png + File:157948:190.png = File:157949:190.png Skills:
Gold Filigree Wire Partially Wired Mantis Egg Partially Wired Mantis Egg QL x
File:151368:190.png + File:157949:190.png = File:157951:190.png Skills:
Gold Filigree Wire Partially Wired Mantis Egg Fully Wired Mantis Egg QL x
File:150925:190.png + File:157951:190.png = File:157952:190.png Skills:
Interfaced Nano Sensor Fully Wired Mantis Egg Incomplete Virral Egg QL x
File:151484:190.png + File:157952:190.png = File:157954:190.png Skills:
Perfectly Cut Soul Fragment Incomplete Virral Egg Virral Egg with Gem QL x
File:151484:190.png + File:157954:190.png = File:157953:190.png Skills:
Perfectly Cut Soul Fragment Virral Egg with Gem Virral Egg with Dual Gems QL x
File:151484:190.png + File:157953:190.png = File:157955:190.png Skills:
Perfectly Cut Soul Fragment Virral Egg with Dual Gems Virral Triumvirate Egg QL x

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