The Virulent Minibull is probably the most dangerous adversary a solitary explorer of Rubi-Ka can face below the 50th level of expereince. Agressive, social and fast, hard strikes make this a fearsome opponent, not to be triffled with. V Bulls, as they are also known can be encountered in Athen Shire and The Longest Road, generally around the bend in the road back north towards West Athen and as far west as Freedom Station. The animals are melee fighters with both exceptionally strong attacks of dizzing speed. A single combatant can find himself at reclaim in a frighteningly short ammount of time.

Young Explorers are strongly advised to be wary of the milky white skinned animals and if attacked to seek shelter at once. Also be advised that if being chased by a V Bull to avoid the normally docile Young Minibull and Adult Minibulls as their social behavior will cause them to attack anything the V Bull is attacking.

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