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Wailing Wastes is a playfield on Rubi-Ka.

To the untrained eye, the Wailing Wastes seem to be a marginal area, only just barely terra-formed and place to be avoided. And in thinking that you would be wrong. With a range of animals between threat levels 45 and 90, the hunting opportunities for the low to midlevel explorer are excellent. Animals group in manageable herds and for the most part are not social. Trophy level Blubbags, Clawfingers, Hammerbeasts, Hounds, Rollerrats, Scorpiods and Spiders all roam the area.

Would be hunters are advised to research each animal sought to understand its behavior in the wild!

To the explorer of our vast home, there are a number of interesting sights through out the Wailing Wastes. First off, the principal city in the region is Duhndur, offering Whom-Pah routes to Old Athen, Camelot and Tir. Not a particularly large metropolis, Duhndur makes a good base camp to explore the region with shops of Basic to Advanced categories as well as Insurance Terminals. The visitor is cautioned that security in Duhndur is particularly lax and the author has been attacked at the Whom-Pah terminals themselves.

Outside the environs of Duhndur are a series of camps and outposts, scattered throughout the area offering some amenities varying wildly by location. Persons taking in the sights are behooved to be self reliant. Of historical note is the base camp of the Clan Sentinels in the north east corner of the area. The Sentinels are not a particularly hospitable group so take note. Flash photography is not advised.

More important, historically would be the Yuttos Camp, hidden in the mountainous regions to the south west. Some of the denizens of the Shadow Lands were beheld for the first time in this camp. Industrious by nature, these new citizens of Rubi-Ka offer their wares to boost their income by tourism, but caveat emperor is the watch word of such transactions.

Finally, the explorer is encouraged to take note of the beauty of Mother Nature herself. The lake and spring which form the northern most headwaters of the mighty Stret River can be found south of the Sentinels Base in the Wailing Wastes. An outpost is nearby for any shopping the traveler may require.