This large facility on the borders of Athen Shire and Wailing Wastes offers a number of points of interest to the explorer of our beautiful world. In addition to insurance terminals and stand-alone vendors, the facility is a monument to early Clan Style architecture. Built in a manner very similar to the smaller Mott and Bailey fortifications that dot Athen Shire, the central building is surrounded by a circular wall that rings the main body of the Academy on a large promontory over looking the Wailing Wastes that were once the extent of the planet's terra-forming.

Gateway to Avalon from the lower terra-formed regions before the Whom-Pah and Grid System, the Academy is an excellent navigational reference into the lone territories and the northern most hinterlands of Rubi-Ka.

Of interest to the more practical minded explorer is a set of Clan Affiliated mission terminals just below the main entrance to the Academy.

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