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Required skills[]

  • Nano Programming (NP)
  • Weapon Smith (WS)
  • Mechanical Engineering (ME)
  • Electrical Engineering (EE)

Required Items and Tools[]

Gegenstand / Tool *1 Fundort QL
Cloud of Infuriated Nanobots C Mobs near Smug/Eel QL special
Turret Construction Base C Tower Shop 80%
HSR Compressed Regenerating Bioplate C Tower Shop EndQL
Augias X-11 Ejector C Tower-Quest QL 250
Sentient Corrosion Sprayer C Tower-Quest QL 250
Revolving Cold Laser C lootable but rare QL 205
*1 R = reuseable, C = consumed


Name Req. QL-Range private Modifier
File:203079.png Cold Laser CL & Psy 160-300 Shield für RadiationAC, PoisonAC,
ChemicalAC, FireAC und ColdAC
File:203085.png Sentient Corrosive Turret CL 250-300 +FireAC, ProjectileAC,
Energie-Dmg, Projectile-Dmg
File:203089.png X-11 Ejector Turret CL 250-300 TrapDisarm, BreakingEntry,

Poison-Dmg, ColdDmg, PoisonAC und ColdAC

Tradeskill Process[]

The combination of items in Anarchy Online works as followed:

Open the tradeskill window (Ctrl-t). Here you can place the two items you want to combine in the left and middle part. The resulting Item will be shown in the right area. Missing skills, or non possible combinations will be shown below. A detailed look on the resulting item is possible with a simple shift-left-click on it. It is recommended to have free inventory space before combining items, else the item will end in the overflow window.

File:202534.png + File:202583.png = File:202585.png Skills:
Cloud of Infuriated Nanobots Turret Construction Base Turret Controller QL x 5,75/4,5
File:202785.png + File:202585.png = File:202591.png Skills:
Augias X-11 Ejector Turret Controller X-11 Ejector Turret Controller QL x 5,75/4,5
File:202591.png + 202540 = File:203089.png Skills: ME
X-11 Ejector Turret Controller HSR Compressed Regenerating Bioplate X-11 Ejector Turret QL x 4

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