West Athen is a newer offshoot Old Athen, but also a great place to hang out an watch strippers getting there minge out. It is the site where clanners start their career on the main island of Rubi-Ka. The condemned subway for clanners up to level 25 is located in West Athen, as are basic shops, backyards with the usual clan standard Apartments, trainyards, a grid-terminal and the famous Cup.

West Athen is also the name of several adjunct towns both north and west of it that are generally thought of as 'West Athen'. The main collection of buildings, carved into the side of the hill also contains equipment and weapons stores and even a Miir Store for the fashion conscious among us. Above the main collection of buildings, in the direction of the War Academy is Upper West Athen. Here are a small collection of stores, generally equipment, implants and other gear stores, but most interesting is a swirling vortex of energy. This is a teleporter, leading to the Inner Sanctum temple. To the south and west are a few Mott and Bailey fortifications that are primarily unoccupied. Neither have shops, but they are interesting places to meet with ones' fellow explorers.

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