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Npc zoftig blimp


  • Zoftig Blimp
  • Solitus Trader


  • Neutral
  • unknown Organisation

Where to find:

  • In the city Hope in Mort
  • Location: 2831 x 1918.5
  • Area: Earsnest Wastelands


  • Protection gear against the sun, the night, the elements and stuff

Zoftig Blimp offering[] Sapphire Arcanum Specs Amber Arcanum Specs Ruby Arcanum Specs Salesman's Hat Rhysen's Carrier Cap Original Mentor's Straw Hat Eagle Eye Monocle Lollygagger's Monocle Saboteur's Monocle Latex Base Ancarim Sun Tan Lotion

Dialogue with Zoftig Blimp[]

Cirte: Hi.
Zoftig Blimp: Hi. Life is beautiful.
Cirte: What items are you selling here?
Zoftig Blimp: I don't need to tell you, sister... It's protection!
Cirte: Protection against what?
Zoftig Blimp: Against the sun, the night, the elements and stuff!

All related to protecting you against yourself, of course. Nothing can harm you if you've taken the time it really takes to sort things out - at least when you know where you're going and what you're doing - that thing known as focus. Man, that's important!

Nothing happens at random - you always have a right choice to make...

Cirte: I hear what you're saying, but I don't understand it...
Zoftig Blimp: Oh...

Then let's talk about something else.

Cirte: You're a hippie, aren't you?
Zoftig Blimp: Ah, been a while since I heard that word...

I have fought against that description most of my life, like it was some kind of burn...
But I've found out that with what I believe... It's probably the most fitting description... After all.

Cirte: And how is business?
Zoftig Blimp: My stuff will always be in demand.

Besides... I don't have much competition. I've just recently started, and already I have customers coming here from everywere, even Jobe.

Yeah, there's money in it, although money isn't everything. You can't believe in money...

Cirte: I tend to agree.
Zoftig Blimp: Stuffs you can believe in are things like religion, ethics, equality - the power of song, the existence of magic and what have you.

But one thing... is above all this, I believe...

Cirte: So, what is your cause - what do you believe in, Zoftig?
Zoftig Blimp: I believe in the power of love!
Cirte: Goodbye
Zoftig Blimp: And peace with you.

--Cirte 10:53, 13 April 2006 (CEST)